Aviation Obscura

Imagination is a funny thing. It lets you see things in a way that others don't. We try to use a lot of that at Flying Cowboys but have come to one conclusion: either you get it or you don't. If you don't, we probably can't help you. That's why God made the Internet. If you do get it, then give us a call or email. You will get a real person, probably a guy named Digger. Or if you're lucky you will catch Bobby, our Range Boss; he's the only real cowboy we got but he is the real deal. The rest of us just got bucked off or drug by a horse...not a pretty sight. So we thought we'd try airplanes. So far so good.

Contact us for details on available inventory and custom installations.

  • Flight Suit
  • Blue Flight Deck Helmet
  • Black Leather Flight Helmet
  • OD Green Flight Helmet
  • White Flight Helmet
  • High Altitude Flight Helmet
  • Russian Fighter Helmet
  • Bomb Control Panel
  • Gun Control
  • French Hygroscope Gunsight
  • Range Controller
  • Vintage Airliner Over New York
  • Zeppelin Raider
  • Ford Trimotor
  • Swiss Military Field Bicycle
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