The Flying Cowboys Story

The Day

I walked outside to the plane and saw a bent relic of a man being pushed in a wheelchair next to the B25. I walked over and greeted him and the man pushing his chair. The elder man fought to speak and through strained speech talked about being on these planes in the war. He was animated and though difficult to understand you could see the journey he was taking through time. To his youth. After a few minutes they started to leave and I headed back to the hangar. The younger man jogged over to me, stopped and with tears in his eyes told me thank you. I said we really didn't anything but you're certainly welcome. He replied don't father had a stroke almost ten years ago. He has not spoken a word since then. My father is dying. I got to hear his voice once again and for that I will always be grateful. We recieved a letter about two weeks later that his father had passed away. We hear from his son regularly. That is my reward...beyond measure.

Flying Cowboys has a number of facets but our primary goal is to serve as the creative and marketing outlet for Greatest Generation Aircraft Foundation. Over the years of restoring and flying vintage war birds we have accumulated a wide array of aviation artifacts. One of our endeavors is to create and preserve living history in the form of architectural pieces, art and furnishings. Imagination that has flown and now can take form as a part of your life. Proceeds from designated sales go to the financial support of GGA.

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